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More About Family Life Hospital

Family Life Centre/ V.V.F Hospital is a Faith Based hospital with established in the 1980s. The idea of Family Life Centre/V.V.F Hospital was the initiative of an MMM (Medical Missionaries of Mary sister) obstetrician/ gynecologist - Sr. Dr. Ann Ward. In 1960s while working in St. Luke’s hospital, Anua, Sr. Dr. Ward was touched by the large number of young women whose lives were damaged by dehumanizing obstetric injuries. She started offering surgeries to these ladies at that time in St. Luke’s Hospital, Anua. As the number increased, it became difficult for her to get enough bed space for them and she also realized they needed specialized care both before and after the surgery. It was then she conceived the idea to get a place for these women which would nurture a supportive environment and where she could train staff on the special kind of care these women needed. Hence Family Life Centre/V.V.F Hospital /VVF hospital was given birth to. The hospital also acknowledges the selfless services of Late Dr. Fabian Urpuji who was trained by Dr. Ann Ward. Dr. Urpuji worked in the hospital and performed many VVF Surgeries until his death in 2015.

The good legacies of Dr. Ann Ward was carried-on by the Religious sisters Medical Missionaries of Mary (MMM) till date. Free Surgical repairs of different Maternal Birth Injuries are carried out in quarterly camps (pooled efforts). The hospital repairs an average of 35 V.V.F/R.V.F cases quarterly. The success surgery rate is over 70%.

Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Our Mission and Our Vision

Our vision statement

We foresee a community/society where equity, justice and love will rule, where the downtrodden are lifted up, the sick healed and the poor empowered.

Our mission statement


To provide health services that cross boundaries of the poor and rich, the recognised and deprived members of the society, paying more attention to the needs of women and children, and the dejected ones in the society.

MMM Mission statement

As Medical Missionaries of Mary, in a world deeply and violently divided, we are women on fire with the healing love of God. Engaged in our own pains and vulnerability, we go to peoples of different cultures, where human needs are greatest. Our own belief in the interrelatedness of God’s creation urges us to embrace holistic healings, to work for reconciliation, justice and peace.

Spirituality and Core Values

Our Spirituality and Core Values

Our Spirituality and Core Values

Our Spirituality

We open our hearts compassionately to the needs of the society. We respect the dignity of every human person. We work with God and entrust all our healing services to God.

Our Core Value


1. Showing empathy to the patients - approaching them with love and tenderness as they are very vulnerable.
2. We are not limited to offering treatment to VVF patients but go beyond to provide them with holistic care such as Rehabilitation, Empowerment, etc.
3. In humility and with patience we go as far as searching for women with VVF/RVF in the villages.

1. We welcome our clients as Christ and share our few loaves with them.
2. We maintain a conducive environment and accommodation for our staff, patients and clients.
3. We welcome people of every race, tribe, and religion. Some women come as far as other countries to access our services.
 We also hold to heart the value of Commitment and Integrity. We are well connected to nature and environment.
Faith-Based Charitable Organization registered with Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C) No. 149962
Officially registered with Akwa Ibom State Ministry of Health with registration No. AK 226
Medical Missionaries of Mary (MMM) registration in Ireland with No. 1379

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