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Mbribit Itam,

Akwa Ibom

Skills Acquisition Department

About 65 women were trained in various skills in our rehabilitation centre this year. The skills include: Izal production, Liquid Soap production, Vaseline/ Air Fresher production, dettol/ Jik production and confectioneries. 30 women were trained in our April camp, 20 in August and 15 in November camp. The picture shows Women acquiring different skills in the Rehabilitation Centre

The Hair Saloon Department

The Hair Saloon Department: The Training Centre for Hair Dressing

The saloon Department

The saloon department of the rehabilitation Centre was relocated to a newly refurbished structure close to the security post to attract reasonable patronage. The empowerment training is on-going with 7 women who are undergoing training on hair dressing. They have few months left to complete their training. One of the challenges on this section is to get a well-qualified salonist who will accept to live in the compound and work on weekends without charging more than we can afford to pay.

The Sewing Departments

The Sewing Departments

The Sewing Departments

The sewing section has just resumed with five learners and more may be joining latter. The Sewing department has also been moved to the shop close to the security post for easy display of designed items to attract customers.

Other Skill Acquisition Training

Besides the listed departments, we also have provision for training women to acquire skills in the making of Soap, Izal, Dettol, air freshener, jik production

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