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VVF stories

We organise free Quarterly camps for patients and have achieved much over the years. V.V.F/ R.V.F repair statistics for 10 years backward reveals how successful our surgical campings have been. We are grateful to Gay and Talbot for their support this past years. We solicit for more support from well spirited individuals and organization to continue the resuscitation of our women. Thank you and God bless.


This success story about a woman who lived with V.V.F for eight years. She came down to Uyo to visit a family. A Nun was also visiting that family and observed that this woman preferred sitting on the bare floor instead of chairs. On inquiring, she was told that the woman has one kind of sickness that keeps her wet all the time. Having an idea about V.V.F, she quickly call the matron of V.V.F hospital, explained the condition and the Matron asked that the woman should come. She was operated and went home dry with lots of smiles, singing and dancing with much praises to the God she met in her visit. You can imagine how V.V.F/ R.V.F can reduce the sufferer’s dignity and freedom, restrict them from going out.




A woman of 65 years with VVF for about 50 years shared the story about how she got married at the age of 15 years. She had her first child in Cameroon where she laboured for two (2) days to deliver a macerated baby. The next day she discovered that she has no control of urine. Her husband brought her home and left her, she was traumatized and ashamed of herself for not being able to control urine which makes her smell all the time. When she noticed that people talked about her wherever she is, she stopped attaining any function even church and market. She was only going to church at night to pour out her soul to God like Hannah (1st Samuel 1:15), she continued until God heard her prayers and sent her a man who looked beyond the smell and approach her for marriage. With this second marriage she had two children, a boy and a girl. This gave her new sense of dignity, identity and self-worth, but she was still finding it very difficult to mix up with any group either church or political. She continues with her isolated life until January, 2018 when a doctor whom she went to for help told her that her sickness can be treated. He then gave her our address, and she left the next day to trace our place. Very lucky for her, the hospital was preparing to have the first free V.V.F camp for the year. She was admitted and operated on the 16th of January, 2018 and was discharged home dry with smile on her face. She could not believe that she can mix with people again in her life time and also attend church functions. It was a new life for her. The picture shows her daughter making her hair with great joy as they prepare to go back home.

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